2022 Courageous Conference

2022 Courageous Conference

Friday 14 October
9am - 1pm AEST
Live & Virtual

$79 per ticket

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Rising Resilient

Adversity doesn’t discriminate and no matter who you are, what job you have, where you come from or how old you are, this global pandemic has reminded us all that Resilience is something each of us need to find out more about and truly master if we want to live a fulfilled life.

Our current experience might be summed up as a time of adversity, social reckoning,compounding emotional and mental struggle, a roller coaster of changing priorities and seemingly never -ending uncertainty. People are struggling, and searching for a mindset that will support them to adapt and respond in ways that keep hope and possibility alive, along with the courage to take that next step.

This anything-but-average, truly memorable and highly anticipated virtual 2022Courageous Conference welcomes content matter experts from around the world to your screen, to strip back, unpack and reinvigorate everything you know about Resilience.

Together, we’ll get to the crux of why and how Resilient people:

There will be something for everyone – whether you’re a C-Suite Executive, Educator, Parent,Student or just someone who loves to learn – you’re guaranteed to walk away with some truly life changing gems.

Your inspiring headline speakers

Jennifer Beatty

Making Meaning: Lessons in Renewal and Resilience


M.S.Ed, MAPP & Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator

Story is our way home. By reflecting through a collection of stories, curiosity, and open-awareness, learn what it means to make meaning out of your experiences as you make connections within yourself. This keynote will leave you feeling inspired and more at home within yourself and your purpose.

Joshua Freedman

Team and Organizational Vitality in a BANI world


CEO Six Seconds, Global Emotional Intelligence Network

As we re-emerge from the global pandemic, it's become clear that we are now living and working in a Brittle, Anxious, Non-linear and Incomprehensible (BANI) world. So never has there been a more critical time for Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to emerge as a vehicle for resilience and vitality in your workplace. If you’re looking for practical ways to develop Team and Organizational Vitality, this session is for you.

The transformational breakout sessions

Alison Lalieu

Lessons for
Resilient Leaders


Chief Vision Officer of
Courageous Leadership Hub

Self-awareness is a powerful igniter of transformation. Leading people in these times demands extraordinary levels of self-awareness and resilience. When we have the courage to speak up, step up and show up, we also need the skills to rise up when we get knocked down. This session will take you on a journey to explore leadership resilience. Why it matters now more than ever, and different ways to grow it.



Author of Resilience Up© (South Africa)

We often use the term ‘bounce back’, after we have battled dealing with challenges / set-backs, or suffered trauma / loss. However, to be truly resilient, we need to ‘bounce forward’ with mental and emotional agility, as well as physical energy and dynamism.

If you want to learn simple, practical and implementable techniques and ‘Bio-hacks’ to BOUNCE FORWARD... this session is for you!

Ginny Lalieu

Resilient Kids


Founder of Courageous Cubs (Australia)

Resilience blooms from the inside out. Nurturing your child's attachment, emotional regulation and confidence to take risks is at the core of raising resilient kids in our complex world. This energising and informative session will provide you with simple, yet very effective and practical strategies which you can begin using right away, to support the growth of an emotionally healthy and secure child at home or in the classroom.

Together let's turn set backs into bounce backs!

Or as the saying goes, turn lemons into lemonade!

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$1 from every registration will go towards educating a child in Kenya