3 Essentials for Vulnerability in the Workplace

What is vulnerability?

Well, let’s start with what it’s not.

  • It’s not weakness or a “lack of professionalism”.
  • It’s not constantly crying or wearing your heart on your sleeve.
  • It’s not carelessly offering your unfiltered thoughts, letting it all hang out or oversharing!

Dr Brené Brown describes vulnerability as “uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure”.

You know that unstable feeling you get, when you step out of your comfort zone? That’s vulnerability in action.

We feel vulnerable when we do something that forces us to loosen our grip on control. It’s one of the bravest and most challenging things we can do.

Why? Because it demands that we express and expose, in both our words and behaviour, who we really are and how we genuinely think and feel. It’s choosing the path of growth and authenticity, over the path of comfort.

Brené Brown is also very clear that there’s a high price to pay with invulnerability.

If we want our personal and professional lives to thrive, we have to debunk the idea that vulnerability is weakness, and come to a shared understanding that it is actually our greatest strength.

“Vulnerability is the core, the heart, the center, of meaningful human experience.” – Brené Brown

How does vulnerability show up in the workplace?

Some organisational cultures make it very hard to express your vulnerability.

I posted this question on my LinkedIn recently, and had some excellent practical examples come through that I’d like to share with you:

Being genuinely vulnerable in the workplace requires 3 things:

Want to learn more?

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With courage & gratitude,

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