Courageous comes from the Latin word Cor, which means heart.

Our incredible community of Executive Coaches are skilled at growing wholehearted leaders, who foster thriving teams and cultivate courageous cultures, so businesses feel in flow and can exceed performance expectations

We think of our values as fingerprints - no one else has them and they leave a mark on everything we touch

Value #1

  • We’ll make sure that the energy we bring into every room, meeting or situation is aligned with our values
  • We’ll take initiative vs. waiting for direction and approach our work with a sense of possibility and positivity
  • We’ll give and receive feedback in respectful, constructive and daring ways
  • We’ll practice gratitude within our community and our clients
  • We’ll communicate in a clear and honest way, because clear is kind.

Value #2

Courageously curious
  • We’ll value play and make time for it
  • We’ll recognise opportunities for growth and learn from mistakes
  • We’ll keep ourselves focused, and regularly engage in self development activities
  • We’ll choose courage over comfort by leaning into difficult tasks and conversations rather than avoiding them
  • We’ll respect professional boundaries, and when it’s not clear about what’s OK and what’s not OK, we’ll ask.

Value #3

Co-creators of connection
  • We’ll ask for help when we need it
  • We’ll treat our community with respect and compassion by responding in a timely and professional manner
  • We’ll recognise and congratulate others on their good work
  • We’ll make the time to do extra kind and generous things
  • We’ll only share information that’s ours to share, and we’ll honour confidentiality.

Meet our dream HQ team

Alison Lalieu

Alison Lalieu

Chief Vision Officer (CVO)

Alison is the creative content guru who aligns our vision to your outcomes – she uses her extensive credentials and front line experience working with Leaders and Teams around the world, to ensure you see a shift in the way your leaders show up. She will lead the facilitation of your key deliverables and ensure the Program is exceeding the expectations of your brief.

Cassie Lalieu

Cassie Lalieu

Creator of Opportunities (COO)

Cassie is our (not so) secret weapon who will be the brains behind your Program Design. With over 10 years working in Senior Marketing & Account Management roles across the UK & Australia, Cassie uses her incredible depth of commercial acumen and impressive creative Program design experience to ensure your dreams become a reality.

Abbey Magee

Abbey Magee

Happiness Hero

Abbey is our engine room and the person who will make your experience with us so memorable and pleasurable. She will be your go-to person in terms of Program logistics, activation, tracking and wrap up. She is meticulous when it comes to detail and would be great as a master chess player, as she’s always thinking one step ahead to ensure a seamless roll out and mastery.

By working with us,
you'll make a difference in the world.

We feel passionate about doing our bit to make the world a better place, so in 2019 we joined the B1G1 ‘business for good’ movement.

Since then, when we welcome a new client with open arms, we give back to the world on their behalf, in a meaningful way (and you even get a Certificate of Gratitude as a keep sake!)