Did I do my best?

Those of you who have experienced coaching will know that one of the powerful outcomes is having a goal setting champion, a person who is

Global Village

Families these days are scattered around the globe. Mine is no different, and this past weekend I was lucky enough to travel to witness my

The Melatonin Link

Last week UBalancer introduced 230 adolescent boys to the link between their brains and their sleep. How many of us think that our brains go

Letting Go

I’ve done this before, I keep reminding myself! Three daughters and three continents, those heartfelt last parental goodbyes as one of our beloved walks around

Volunteering in Cambodia

One of our UBalancer coaches, Fiona, has been volunteering as a teacher in a Cambodian school these past few weeks. We would like to share

Fly in, Fly Out

A recent holiday on a cruise ship has been a bucket list experience for my husband and myself, a wonderful time of exploration, adventure and

Brain Fit

Do you ever find yourself fired up to exercise, join the gym or sign up for that bootcamp, only to lose enthusiasm a few weeks

Onwards and Upwards

It has been an amazing few months at UBalancer as our coaching network has grown and our student reach expanded. With Luke Baseby joining our


Thank goodness the shadow of NAPLAN assessment has passed over for a year, I hear you say! How well did your family survive this National

Hello Mum

Mothers and those other special women who feel like our mothers play a vital role in our lives. With my dad passing away when I

Firing and Wiring

I am hooked on the field of neuroscience! How nerve cells (neurons) in our brain are wired together and how they determine the way we

Anzac Spirit 100 years on

Anzac Spirit 100 years on There are few days in the year when Australians come together in spirit as much as they do on Anzac