The 5C Staircase

Wednesday mornings usually find me walking along the beautiful Brisbane river, listening to the latest Brené Brown Dare to Lead podcast. The podcast this morning


Resilience has emerged as an urgent priority for people and organisations of all kinds, from schools to corporate and government sectors globally. We all know

Listening Through Change

There is a Chinese character called ‘Ting’ which reminds us that listening is a respectful, wholehearted, focused, present and meaning – making experience.   A curious

Time for Re-Thinking

“If knowledge is power, then knowing what we don’t know is wisdom” ~ Adam Grant Adam Grant’s latest book, ‘Think Again’ digs into how our

Leading and Living into Purpose

Purpose is an underlying thread holding the fabric of an organisation together. When purpose is clearly articulated, groups can endure major challenges and thrive through

Turning 21

Turning 21 is a milestone in life, a day steeped in the tradition of celebrating a ‘welcome to adulthood and coming of age’. Around the


His Holiness the Dalai Lama reminds us “My religion is simple. My religion is kindness. The more you nurture a feeling of kindness, the happier

Building Change Resilience

The emotional toll of the covid pandemic is creating global worry about the longer- term mental health concerns and challenges. Such a huge, sudden and

Time to Listen

  It feels like Covid was sent to shake up our listening. A time to slow down and shine a light internally. To spend more


Change fascinates me. So much so that I spent almost two years researching the impact it has on us, and authoring a new global emotional

Merry Christmas

2020 is only 13 days away. The countdown has started to a new decade, and what a decade it’s shaping up to be!  This past