Anchoring Values

Dr Brené Brown’s research found that having clearly named Values, and living into these Values with specifically named behaviours, is vital in developing brave leaders

An Abundance Mindset for 2024

As the year rolls over tonight, people all over the world will be reflecting, accepting, recognizing, challenging, acknowledging and celebrating moments from the year they

The Changing Face of Leadership

Minouche Shafik (from the London School of Economics) is known to have said “In the past leadership was about muscles. Now it’s about brains. And

Hidden Potential

Of the many definitions of leadership, the one by Dr Brené Brown stands out to me: A leader is anyone in your organisation who sees

The Hidden Cost

What’s the hidden cost of low emotional intelligence in your organisation? This is a metric that many leaders overlook, missing the vital fact that employee

Perspective Swaps

Organisations globally are experiencing frequent jolts out of complacency. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. So how can you keep reinventing yourself and remaining

Resilience and Learning to Rise

When Dr Brené Brown asked the 150 leaders in her global leadership study what skills they would need to ‘still be standing in 5 years’,

Do you have a thriving feedback culture?

Take a moment to think about a conversation you’ve had recently, where you received feedback about your work. Was it a positive experience, or a