2045 is only 26 years away ~ SINGULARITY ~ a point in history where computing power will surpass the brainpower of all mankind. Ray Kurzweil


I remember sitting behind Nelson Mandela in a Lion King concert – and feeling the magnetism to this great person. When he stood up, the whole audience leapt to their feet and made a human tunnel for him to walk through as he left the theatre.

Change MAP for success

Change is a six letter havoc wreaking word! The very sound of it freaks most people out, and ‘doing’ Change well is notoriously hard!

Why do we find Change so hard?

Change the Game

It’s a quiet, lazy Saturday afternoon and no better time than to swallow the words of Abby Wamback in her punchy leadership book, ‘Wolfpack’.

Highly recommended recently by Brene Brown (who mentioned that she’d read it many times over) – I thought I’d delve into why Abby’s eight new rules of leadership were so compelling.

SEI LTC (Leading Through Change)

Everyday leaders find themselves navigating levels of uncertainty and complexity at a pace seldom seen before.

This puts them under huge pressure because the hardest time to lead is during change. It is often met with resistance (frustration, blame and anxiety) which (if not navigated well) leads to a breakdown in trust, disengagement and low performance.

Under African Skies

Some of you may know that I was born in Africa, and moved to live in Australia in my 20’s – which means I’ve lived

The Art of Knowing Yourself

We need to do a better job at knowing ourselves! Here’s an interesting statistic; you have a 600% possibility of derailing if you’re a CEO

Being and Doing

Both five letter words – yet worlds apart! For many people, the days have become a blur of Doing – a never-to-be-complete task list of

Service Leadership

One person comes to mind who led through service creating a legacy footprint that will live on generationally –  Mother Theresa from the Missionaries of

Shoshin Leadership

A beautiful little boy entered my life this past month – my first grandson Harry. Looking into his eternally wise and absolutely innocent eyes leaves

“V” Leadershift Lessons

Nature is full of leadership wisdom, and we can look no further than Canadian Geese for one of the greatest leadership lessons.  Migration sees these