Leading the CAMINO Way

We all have bucket lists and dreams, and walking a Camino pilgrim trail in Spain this month has fulfilled one of my lifelong passions. Starting

Why Words Matter?

I’ve always known that words matter, but it wasn’t until last year when I completed Judith E. Glaser’s Conversational Intelligence R (C-IQ) coach training that I truly


A quick google search shows that you all have 8760 up your sleeve in 2018, and each of those hours offers you a unique opportunity

Ways to warn off stress

Stress levels are rising around the world, with 6 in 10 workers experiencing increased workplace stress (China has the highest rise at 86%) – The

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

This morning I stood in front of a room of wonderful people who came together to hear me talk about ‘Leading with Emotional Intelligence’. I

Educating for the Future

This past week I made the exciting decision to travel to Bali in November to present the UCare Education model to all the educators gathering

Optimism in a VUCA world

Who would have thought that the United Kingdom would so soon be facing leadership volatility and uncertainty? The situation is definitely complex and ambiguous –

Wholehearted Parenting

One of the lovely aspects of being a Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Practitioner is that I get to meet amazing people who are leading extraordinary

Digital Democracy

In a recent post, Roger James Hamilton takes a fascinating dive into the political foray playing out globally at the moment. His belief is that

The Sound of Silence

I arrived at my friend’s bedside, shaken to see her so small and fragile; the cancer has taken such a hold in the few short

Curious Goals 2018

The clock is ticking, the countdown is on and 2018 is around the corner as I write this blog. If you’re anything like me, your