Apathy and Empathy

Never before in modern history was it more important for voters to get out and vote. With so much at stake, I find it quite

10 ways your work is changing

The world is changing in ways we could only have imagined ten years ago. Hurtling towards us is an avalanche of computing power, embedding itself

Top 10 Leadership Tips for 2020

    There’s every chance the way you’ve been leading your teams is due for some fine tuning. The volatile, uncertain and complex world we

Organizational weather

What’s the climate like at your workplace right now? Rainy, drizzly, stormy or is the sun starting to shine through the clouds? Important questions to


The world is becoming more turbulent faster than our capacity to deal with it. The word VUCA gets bandied about frequently as people describe the

Global Purpose

One of the many blessings of my life at UBalancer is the chance to grasp every learning opportunity that comes my way. Spending two days