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Today's level of extreme uncertainty is unprecedented in modern memory.

The on-going global pandemic has taught us to expect the unexpected - that change and unfamiliarity unfolds quickly and with little warning. Uncertainty is an uncomfortable place to be for people and organisations, but unfortunately it's our new normal.

fuels disconnection

The cost of poor leadership through uncertainty is too high to ignore.

Uncertainty often leads to short term reactive thinking, risk avoidance, poor decision making, overwhelm, anxiety, disengagement, burnout and fatigue. Things that organisations operating in today's competitive landscape just simply can't afford.

but it doesn't have to

Growing people's Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the solution.

Organisations who prioritize growing the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) of all layers of their business, will be better equipped to navigate uncertainty.

And this is exactly what we designed Change Leadership Online (CLO) to do.

Change Leadership Online is a globally acclaimed online L&D tool that guides people through a transformational change readiness and change resilience growth journey.

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Change Leadership Online

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Jam packed with value
Karen Muggleton, Owner - People Alignment
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If you have one team member, or 20 team members, you need to do this course. It will significantly elevate your influencing skills. Well done to Alison and her team for making such a worthwhile contribution to leadership.
Amazing L&D tool
Sasha Lincoln, HR Manager
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The Explorer Program was a cost effective way for me to experience CLO first hand and assess whether it would be a suitable L&D tool for our Executive Team. I was blown away by the little snippet I experienced and have since signed our ET up for the full Certification – it has been incredibly well received and as such, we will be rolling it out across middle managers as well.
A very worthwhile investment
Aaron Miller, Director – Vynara Constructions Pty Ltd
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CLO provided hope in the most challenging year that our family business has ever faced. It helped me think differently about how we pave our way through the chaos and come out the other end as a stronger, more connected and commercially viable business - something that I doubted an online learning program could ever do.
Highly recommend
Dr Alyce Scanlan, Emergency Doctor - QEII
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Thanks to CLO, I now better understand the science and emotional data behind why I struggle with change. CLO normalised how I feel about it and gave me some amazing practical tools and the confidence to look at change with an optimistic lens. The Program itself was very user friendly and engaging. I particularly loved the downloadable resources and will continue to use them in the years to come.
The foundation of successful culture transformation initiatives

CLO is an accessible, affordable and scalable L&D tool that can be used across all layers of an organisation to create energy and momentum for successful culture transformation initiatives.

Supports workforces to use change as a force for growth

CLO connects organisations to learnings and insights from thought leaders around the world in Emotional Intelligence to address the challenges of Change Resistance and Change Resilience at an individual and team level.

Helps remote workforces feel connected and aligned

CLO is a powerful trust building platform that provides remote workforces with the opportunity to begin speaking the same language of leadership, to cocreate new ways of working and to re-engage with their team.


Because like a wave, change is constant, can be heavy hitting and can also bring about incredible opportunity if you have the skills and mindset to ride it.

This transformational personal and professional development opportunity brings together over 20,000 hours of Executive Coaching and Corporate L&D Facilitation experience, the most up-to-date global research in Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as well as tested and proven Leadership Frameworks into one, dynamic and engaging Platform.

CLO has six (6) Pathways (24 Modules in total) all filled with thought provoking learning, memorable videos and podcasts, downloadable resources, opportunities for personal reflection and practical application. The Pathways take users on a transformational CHANGE growth journey:

  • Connection
  • Head and Heart
  • AGILE Change Leadership
  • Navigating Change
  • Growing Trust
  • Excitement for the Future

Click here to see a more detailed description on each Pathway.

CLO has about 24 hours of contact learning, and we advise Users to do approx. 1 – 2 hours per week. Meaning the certification can take anywhere between 3 – 6 months to complete (although, we’re finding that a lot of people finish it quicker as it’s hard to put down once you get started!).

CLO was purposefully designed to have application across all industries, organizational structures and internal purposes – basically, there is nothing we can’t or won’t do, to help you achieve your desired team or organizational objectives. So while the possibilities are endless when it comes to the application of CLO, here are a few ideas that’ll get your brain bubbling!

  • CLO is a robust onboarding tool that supports the transition of new recruits
  • CLO is a powerful online component that adds significant value to existing L&D Programs
  • CLO is a world-class blueprint for the design of transformational L&D Initiatives
  • CLO is a hub of transformational content that can be uploaded to existing internal LMS portals and used in whatever capacity is required

The CLO Certification is a globally relevant and meaningful badge of honour that will add significant value to your Leadership Toolkit (and CV!). Individuals who successfully complete the six (6) Pathways & a 30 Question Reflection Quiz receive a Certificate of Completion and a ‘Certified Change Igniter’ LinkedIn badge.

CLO has been designed to masterfully guide leaders through an Executive Coaching journey (which usually costs thousands!). The content is powerful, the way it’s presented is engaging and there is ample opportunity throughout for personal reflection and practical application.

CLO is also a hub for likeminded leaders across the world to connect – there is a free webinar hosted by Alison Lalieu every 2 months for all CLO users, which covers emerging change leadership topics with guest speakers and really powerful learning experiences. We also have a very active private Facebook Group which all users get access too, where there are weekly lives with different thought leaders around the world, as well as loads of insightful conversations and additional resources shared.

We feel energized by the diverse and incredible minds that make up our engaged community and inspire each other through the sharing of ideas, experiences and challenges. Through personal insight and community connection, CLO is an all encompassing experience that changes peoples lives.

This all depends on how many subscriptions you purchase! If you purchase between 1 – 50 subscriptions the investment is $175 + GST per subscription; if you purchase between 50 – 100 subscriptions the investment goes down to $125 + GST and if you purchase 100 + subscriptions, the investment is $79 + GST. To get a clearer idea on the price for your team or organisation, book a 30 min Discovery Call with us and we can provide pricing based on your needs and requirements.

CLO is a passion project of Alison Lalieu, a globally acclaimed and experienced Executive NeuroCoach, Advanced Emotional Intelligence & Conversational Intelligence © Practitioner & certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator.

As Chief Vision Officer of Courageous Leadership Hub, Alison is passionate about igniting Courageous Leadership, so in addition to her extensive Executive Coaching and L&D Facilitation, she spent the last few years travelling the world to interview thought leaders in EQ. Alison is also a Preferred Partner of Six Seconds, the worlds largest EQ Network, and with their permission has infused their EQ methodologies and frameworks into the fabric of this Program.