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Change Ready Leadership

At UBalancer Solutions, we work with leaders to become key persons of influence

 so that they ignite more courageous, purposeful and future directed leadership 

in themselves & others 

for a more connected, caring, change ready world.

Have you ever had a difficult executive decision to make? 

The kind of decision where the best options aren’t obvious, the ethics aren’t clear, and the consequences could affect hundreds of people or more. How do you figure out the right thing to do? 

More importantly, how do you develop the habit of making better decisions, time and time again, even in difficult and uncertain circumstances , such as the arrival of the Internet of Things.

The new wave of AI is accelerating the pace of change and impacting every aspect of our lives. 

I have a new car which has the capacity to self-drive, and often over-rides my steering which feels totally weird! Last week I was using my iPhone to video on the beach (and swore when someone walked in front of my camera!!) and all of a sudden, my phone pipes up with a disciplinary “it’s not polite to swear!!!”. So now not only is my car trying to drive me, but my phone is reminding me to be polite!

Should the ethics of AI infiltrating our lives, both personally and professionally, be setting off alarm bells? There’s no stopping it now, and it’s destined to change the very way we live and lead. 

As with all things in life, we have choice.

Choice to sink into negativism and dread of what’s coming, or live into a curiosity borne of hope and possibility where dedication, resilience and concerted effort can channel new and better ways. 

Through this ever- increasing pace of change, disruption and opportunity,leaders will benefit from upskilling themselves on how to navigate uncertainty, balance ethics and communicate differently so they become expert decision makers. 

Highlighted more than ever is the need for human-centred leadership where people feel valued and heard, and in a position to grow their own decision- making capability and change resilience.  

This is where the power of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) comes into play. 

Courageous, purposeful, future-directed, change ready leadership recognizes that without engaging and improving mastery of EQ skills, the capacity to motivate others to navigate change and leverage opportunity will be significantly impeded.

Becoming a leader of influence means prioritizing self-insight, seeking constant feedback, learning and developing personally and professionally with growth mindset thinking and a powerfully curious world view. 

In your organization, how are you shining a light on EQ in your leadership programs to ignite courageous, purposeful, future directed, change ready leadership?

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