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The clock is ticking, the countdown is on and 2018 is around the corner as I write this blog. If you’re anything like me, your mind is starting to think about the transition to a new year and any life changes you’d like to make.

Life is a journey, and the blessing of another year gives us the opportunity to learn from the year before and do things a little better next time round as we move closer to finding our place of truth!

If there is one person whose work I encourage you to read in 2018 to help you make the changes you want to, it’s Brene Brown. A must read is her bestselling book ‘Rising Strong: The reckoning; the rumble; the revolution’. ‘We reckon with our emotions and get curious about what we’re feeling; we rumble with our stories until we get to a place of truth; and we live this process, every day, until it becomes a practice and creates nothing short of a revolution in our lives. Rising strong after a fall is how we cultivate wholeheartedness. It’s the process, Brown writes, that teaches us the most about who we are.’

Curiosity is a wonderful value to bring to New Year resolutions and promises to self and others. It opens up possibility, excites growth, and gets us out of our stuck spots so that we can courageously find the magic of unchartered waters. In the wonderful down to earth words of Brene Brown, ‘Curiosity is a shit starter! But that’s OK. Sometimes we have to rumble with a story to find the truth.’

We’ve all been there, done that. Set goals that we never achieve in full and drag reluctantly into the next year like unwanted handbags. Seems important that they come along for the ride: lose weight, spend more quality time with family, work or study harder!  Great big ideas that have little chance of sticking if we don’t get seriously curious about what’s going on in our life, and how these things make us feel.

It takes honesty and authenticity to be really open with ourselves, dig up the dirt and name the emotions that come up for us. Tap into that head, heart, gut knowing – how right do our choices feel?

I’d like to share my 10 step map to help you think clearly and curiously as you set your personal goals for 2018, and steer yourself towards success with every one of them.

You deserve nothing less!

  • Be very honest and curious with yourself as you set courageous goals for 2018. Be brave and ask a few trusted other people for their thoughts on what you may need in your life? Try and do something you’ve never done before!
  • Keep your goals brain friendly – stick to three. Write them down using positive words and give them shiny meaningful names
  • Break your goals down into smaller bits – and be very clear as you write down what you aim to achieve each month of 2018
  • Find ways to keep yourself motivated: think of a motivating strategy for each month of 2018. If you were to share your goal with people you care about, what words would you use to convince them it was worthwhile? Write a goal statement for yourself – your ‘why’
  • Remind yourself daily what you want to see happen just before you go to sleep. The feat of paying attention takes place in the frontal lobe of our brains, and your goal knowledge will be embedded into your sub-conscious brain as you sleep
  • Develop a Mindful relationship with your goals; when thinking about them, stay focused and minimise any distractions
  • Use your creativity – some people make vision boards and picture collages. Hanging the pictures where you can see them can also help to keep you focused and on track
  • Take the VIA Character Strengths survey to discover the strengths you were born with that distinguish you from others. Access one strength every month and apply it to your 3 goals. For example, if gratitude is a strength of yours, keep a journal & for a whole month writing what you’re feeling thankful for as your goals progress
  • Bring the power of naming emotions into your daily goal journey – name 3 emotions for each of your goals every day
  • Plan up front how you’re going to celebrate the achievement of each of your goals, something amazing that involves the people you really love! Give them the pleasure of sharing your success.


May 2018 be an extraordinary year for you.

The world is moving fast, and as we all look for ways to live more mindfully and purposefully, I wish for your goals to take you through the reckoning, the rumble and the revolution…writing the next chapter in your story towards a life of good health, peace of mind, happiness and prosperity.

Cheers Alison

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