Frequently asked questions

Absolutely we can! In fact, we celebrate diversity and feel genuinely excited when a client from a new industry approaches us! Currently, we’re working with clients across transport, government, fashion retail, mortgage broking, energy supply, human services, technology, construction, health and education. Now that we think about it, we’re incredibly blessed to have such a varied client portfolio.

You see, the beauty is we need absolutely ZERO experience working in an industry to have impact on the growth and transformation of their people. We’re in the business of asking amazing questions, of growing trust, collaboration, motivation and engagement. We do however, have a very keen interest in learning about the industries we work in and take it upon ourselves to delve into / soak up as much information as we can as we seek to bring our learning into the arena with us.

Oh gosh yes!

Prior to COVID, we were already facilitating many of our services online via Zoom – some people loved it (flexibility wins!) and some people not quite so much – different strokes for different folks! But one thing we’ve all learned through this pandemic is, that done well, hybrid working, remote teams and virtual connection not only work, they works incredibly well.

We find that we go a lot deeper more quickly with leaders and teams when we’re facilitating virtually. There’s something about people feeling safe to be vulnerable and share more openly when they’re in the comfort of their own environment. Don’t get us wrong, we crave face-to-face connection just as much as the next person (especially during these trying times!) and jump at the opportunity to be in a room with a team whenever we can, but we are very well versed in having impact through the screen and have become increasingly creative in nurturing a memorable virtual learning experience.

The added bonus of our virtual work is we that we’re able to have the best in the business work with our Clients. Our Coaches are based in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington and even Johannesburg. We hand pick these amazing humans based on their merit, experience and skills, not their location – and this is all made possible thanks to a virtual working environment.

This is an amazing question that we love answering, because typically when you think Coaching, you don’t think KPI metrics… but we have well and truly flipped this on its head and guarantee exceptional profiling to provide valuable data!

  • Yes, you can measure the amount of revenue generated in the time people are in Coaching – but does this measure how effective their decision making is as a leader in the business? No.
  • Yes, you can calculate the amount of sick days they’ve taken compared to last year – but does this give an accurate measure of how much their influence has grown? No.

Being in the business of people and performance, we have found a way to link the two together!

Benchmark and measuring the growth in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) competencies and Leadership outcomes through level B psychometric assessments forms the basis of every Coaching engagement, so you can see the impact of our services. We’re able to measure Team EQ, as well as the “vitality” of teams and organisations at the beginning and end of engagements, using rigorous global Vital Signs EQ assessments. We measure the Change Readiness of leaders and teams, as well as Resilience.

This is something we’ve been working hard on evolving since 2017 and a question we can now confidently answer after much refining and redefining. We have now landed on a well researched and proven formula.

We have a three (3) pronged approach or lens to Leadership Development:

  1. Neuroscience – we help leaders THINK differently
  2. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – we help leaders tune into how they FEEL so they can respond differently
  3. Dare to Lead™ – we help leaders to ACT in more inspiring, impactful, purposeful and courageous ways

These are all well researched and globally tested – but our key differentiator is the way we integrate them as a uniquely powerful triad.

We ensure a sustainable shift in the way leaders show up, quickly, by targeting their specific opportunities for growth through EQ profiling. We help teams grow trust and flow through a world-class profiling tool designed by the Entrepreneurs Institute, and used by over 1 million business leaders across the world. And we design our Program Content Strategy using insights and themes from team and organisational profiling.

So when we combine our powerful triad of Coaching frameworks grounded in Neuroscience, EQ and Dare to Lead™ frameworks along with best-in-class profiling, we see a shift in the way leaders show up, and fast.

One of the things we pride ourselves on, is delivering a high standard of client services and account management. Cassie, our COO has had many years experience as a Key Account Manager in Australia and Overseas and weaved her expertise into the fabric of how we collaborate with our Clients.

So you can rest assured that our HQ team will work closely with your nominated Program Co-ordinators to ensure a seamless and smooth roll out from beginning to end.