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Families these days are scattered around the globe. Mine is no different, and this past weekend I was lucky enough to travel to witness my beautiful niece marry her prince. Hailing from Australia and the United States, they chose to tie the knot half way in between on the beautiful island of tropical Oahu! Such a lovely peaceful setting, nestled between the ocean and the mountains, a perfect place to commit to a lifetime of love, sharing and caring.

Many things struck me as wonderful these past few days:-

  • The ease with which newly introduced families can blend and get to know each other in such a short space of time
  • The importance of tradition – the bride throwing her bouquet and the groom tossing a lucky lei (a custom introduced to the Hawaiian Islands by early Polynesian voyagers)
  • The way in which meaningful speeches can touch souls and
  • The opportunity at weddings for family and friends to reconnect

This was my first ever experience of a Mindful wedding moment during the expression of the vows. The celebrant asked both partners to close their eyes and hold hands, to breathe deeply and tune into their feelings and the energy in their hands. They were then invited to recall the feeling they had when they first met, and how they were feeling now. After some moments, they gently opened their eyes and said their vows – absolutely present and clear. It was very beautiful.

The lovely bridesmaid gave a memorable speech in which she spoke of the roller coaster of love, and how two people can climb both emotional and physical mountains on the journey that ends in marriage. She spoke of a deep friendship and how happy she felt to see her friend so peaceful and in love. Life presents us all with many challenges, but it is at moments like this that we are able to remember how special this journey is!

Borne of many countries (Australia, Hawaii, United States of America, Nigeria and South Africa amongst others) we came together to claim the bonds of family and friendship – to reconnect and to reacquaint. Socializing with family and friends is a vital life role, and one where the ‘busy-ness’ of life can easily interfere. I am resolved to keep an eye on the ‘busy-ness’ when I am home and to stay in touch with all the people I reconnected with at the wedding!

And so I encourage you to think about all the special people in your life, and how often you get in touch with them – most especially those family members and friends who live across the oceans. The internet gives us the opportunity to stay in touch with our Global Village and to remind them that we care!

If there was one person you wanted to call each month this year, who would be on your list?
Cheers Alison

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