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2045 is only 26 years away ~ SINGULARITY ~ a point in history where computing power will surpass the brainpower of all mankind. Ray Kurzweil believes that this experience will, in just a few years, “overturn the institutes and pillars of society and completely change the way we view ourselves as human beings.”

I don’t know what you were doing 26 years ago – the year was 1993. The internet arrived in major Australian capital cities around the mid 90’s and so the shift to our digitally distracted life began! With the pace of accelerating change, the next 26 years however are looking like nothing we’ve ever witnessed before! 

I recently spent 3 days with futurist, Roger James Hamilton, who shared that our the most widely regarded scientists, thinkers and inventors, like the late Steven Hawking and now Elon Musk, have already expressed their concerns that super-intelligent AI could escape our control and move against us. Elon Musk is already plotting to find ways to boost our brain power so that humans will be a match for AI through his work at Neuralink.

On the other hand, what a time of opportunity is opening up before us! A time of change and innovation!

And importantly, a time in history that’s going to demand a new kind of leadership.

Braver, more curious, connected and caring. Leadership into the future is deeply human –  more empathic and connected to purpose.

Brene Brown describes this kind of leadership as ‘daring’ – where leaders cultivate cultures in which ‘brave work, tough conversations, and whole hearts are the expectation’. Loaded with courage, these leaders know how to build trust and intrinsically motivate their people, to create safe emotional environments where their teams feel free to take risks and innovate, to fall down and get back up again, to adapt.

There is no innovation without vulnerability, says Brene Brown. Now is the time to let go of our egos, our addiction to being right, our distractedness and our limiting beliefs. Now is the time to become more aware, more present and to embrace a love of learning, and to commit to leading with purpose. 

As an Executive coach in these times, I feel the responsibility to challenge leaders to think more about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, to champion innovation and to search for ways to  leave this planet better off because they had the privilege of daring AGILE leadership. 

I’ll leave to you to reflect on these 3 questions:

  1. What are you doing in your own leadership to foster emotionally safe environments where we know innovation can flourish?
  2. What organizations are innovating particularly well? What initiatives have they started?
  3. How can you make your business a real force for good through innovation?

The new normal of change requites constant innovative transformation. There’s no way around it, so let’s embrace it! Neuralink or not, our combined humanity, connectedness and curiosity will keep us  innovating and ahead of the AI game!

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