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New EQ Report – SEI LTC (Leading Through Change)

Leaders are finding themselves navigating levels of uncertainty and complexity at a pace seldom seen before – and it’s going to get worse! The word ‘change’ is everywhere – and it’s a word our brain doesn’t like!

No one can predict the future – all we know that it’s going to be loaded with more change. The rise of machines (AI) poses challenges, as does global political and climate change uncertainty. Once ‘predictable’ cycles seem up for grabs, and leaders find themselves in a very difficult position.

There’s a lot of pressure, because the hardest time to lead is during times of change.

It is often met with frustration and anxiety, which (if not well navigated) leads to breakdown in trust, resistance, disengagement and low performance.

There is one important question to ask before any change is initiated. Have the leaders been prepared? How Change Ready are they and their people?

Change is about people, and people driven by their emotions. Change is not logical or rational – it’s all about emotion (no wonder the World Economic Forum has set Emotional Intelligence – EQ) as a key skillset for the future of work.

There’s no point in initiating change programs within your organization if your leaders (and your people) aren’t Change Ready. In other words, do they understand change and the emotions that fuel positive change (as well as those that spiral it into a disastrous toxic pool of cortisol)?

Do your leaders have the emotional intelligence skills to navigate and lead well through uncertainty?

The theme of leading well through change has been coming up in most of my executive coaching sessions for the past two years. So strong was the theme that I’ve invested significant time and energy creating a new EQ report (in collaboration with the Six Second’s global EQ network), called the SEI LTC (Survey of Emotional Intelligence, Leading Through Change).

What’s so exciting about this report is that for the first time, we’re measuring a leader’s Change Readiness. If this is challenged or emerging (or even functional), investing in coaching to support this leader to grow this skill is vital to prepare them to lead people in today’s complex environment.

This report also provides an AGILE Leadership framework for leaders to follow as they grow their EQ competence. I believe every person would benefit from experiencing this new SEI LTC report – we are all leaders of ourselves before we can lead others.

To find out more about the SEI LTC, join one of these free webinars: there are a few so hopefully one of them will suit your time zone:

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