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Onwards and Upwards

It has been an amazing few months at UBalancer as our coaching network has grown and our student reach expanded. With Luke Baseby joining our secondary school coach network, the diversity of our coaching team has grown. His first school workshop took him back to Ambrose Treacy College where he was once a student (the old Nudgee Junior College), and his calm, inspiring presence clearly motivated the younger year 7 and 8 students who were exploring their COMMUNITY life role and how being involved in their communities brings multiple benefits.

Our thanks to Lucas Patchett from Orange Sky Laundry who was our guest speaker, and so generously shared his inspirational story about how he came to manage a non- profit organization that launders clothes for homeless people. One of the year 8 students summed it up well when he wrote “I want to walk in Lucas’ footsteps!” Thank you also to another UBalancer coach, Emily, for sharing with the boys her experience working as a volunteer nurse in the townships around Cape Town, South Africa.

Those year 11 students at Marist College, Ashgrove, who are involved in a UBalancer trial this year experienced their second UBalancer workshop where they gained an understanding of Growth Mindset qualities (Carol Dweck) and how they can challenge themselves to apply these qualities to setting goals in their life.

In my role as Director of UBalancer, I am privileged to meet many educators who continue to inspire and impress me. It is noticeable, however, that they are leading very busy lives and juggling multiple life roles with ever increasing work demands being placed on them. For this reason, it was wonderful to provide a group of teachers at All Hallows’ School with the opportunity to stop and reflect on their Life Balance situation in a dedicated workshop. Their feedback was fabulous – “Life Balance and integrating all aspects of life – inspiring! Thank you!”

Our first trial Parent workshop created much interest as a group of parents came together to understand Life Balance issues that are impacting on their adolescent students, and how they might better support them. We are hopeful to see many more Parent workshops rolling out in coming months.

Behind the scenes, much has been going on to formulate a collaboration between UBalancer and a tertiary online education provider, the Entamio Education Group. I am extraordinarily proud and excited to announce that going forward, the UBalancer Solutions network will be providing coaching support to students nationally who enrol in Entamio courses. This innovative and comprehensive type of student support is ground breaking and has generated a buzz in the coaching community.

UBalancer has undertaken to collaborate with Entamio, and provide them with a network of highly accredited coaches nationally within the Neuroleadership sphere. The coaches who are consulting to our tertiary network have between them over 10 000 hours of coaching experience! How extraordinary and this could not have been achieved without the generous mentoring support of Kendra Strudwick. I believe that UBalancer will grow and become a dynamic coaching force in education into the future.

Ongoing professional development is deeply embedded in our coaching culture, with Alison successfully completing her Professional Coach Credentialling course, and 5 UBalancer coaches signing up for the next Neuroleadership Coach Training course in Brisbane in July. Attendance at Ryan Niemiec’s Mindfulness Based Strengths Practice Workshop and Generation Next at the University of Queensland all proving that we live in exciting times in terms of advances in Positive Psychology, neuroscience and learning.

Alison facilitated a mentoring program within the Surgical Program at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney recently, where 12 senior doctors are mentoring junior interns for one year. Another exciting extension to supporting well-being in education, and proudly supportive of an initiative started by Dr Robyn Young and Dr Alice Young.

I invite you to ‘watch this space’ – UBalancer is going through a period of expansion and transformation. We are about to welcome a vibrant, talented person to our administrative team – and will be moving into a shared office space in July. You may notice in coming weeks that UBalancer Coaching will be called UBalancer Solutions, to reflect our expanding networks and programs.

My thanks to everyone in our team, whether in the secondary or tertiary learning space, and to those who have come into our lives believing in what we are doing and sharing in our vision.It is hard not to feel the passion and the vision that we all share for UBalancer – supporting well-being from a holistic Life Balance coaching perspective.

Onwards and upwards!
Cheers Alison

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