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Leadership Mastery is the foundation of a joyful human experience, an engaged team and a thriving culture.

It’s an awakening of our inner genius; a heightened awareness and understanding of ourself. It’s a paradigm shift that creates meaningful connection with others, and a conscious choice to turn towards our best selves. It’s a way of being, not just doing. It’s the magnet that draws people and possibility to you and the gateway to creating a fulfilled and happy life.

We help our clients create a workplace where their...

People are


... and are skilled at:

  • Living into their values
  • Asking more questions than they provide answers
  • Being Change Ready and Change Resilient
  • Practicing honest self reflection
  • Not buying into ego
  • Setting and holding clear boundaries
  • Showcasing calming grounded confidence
  • Embracing vulnerability and empathy
  • Modelling power with and power to, not power over
  • Seeing potential in people and are brave to finding ways to connect people to their potential

Teams are


... and together, they:

  • Foster a psychologically safe environment
  • Lean into uncomfortable conversations with the language and skill sets of clear, kind conversation
  • Value diverse perspectives
  • Have high Emotional Intelligence
  • Understand that trust is built in the small moments
  • Take time to listen and connect
  • See vulnerability as the birthplace of courage, creativity and innovation
  • Know how to rise strong after setbacks and failures

Culture is


... because all layers of the business:

  • Speak a universal language of leadership
  • Accept and embrace change
  • Celebrate belonging and inclusivity
  • Have a clear vision and shared purpose
  • Use values to guide day-to-day decisions
  • Are highly emotionally literate
  • Prioritise play and having fun, along with physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Foster a growth mindset environment
  • Celebrate milestones and wins

Leading ourselves and others through today’s turbulent times is tough. People are struggling with anxiety and overwhelm (our brains hate uncertainty); teams are searching for new ways to stay connected (one of the challenges of shifting to hybrid working); growth trajectories are feeling increasingly overwhelming (we’re still surprised by how little focus organisations place on helping their people to be Change Ready and Change Resilient!) and businesses are scrambling to prepare their people and processes for a different landscape of working.

There’s no playbook, no instruction manual and no off the shelf product that make people a good leader.

Dr. Brené Brown’s research suggests that businesses who don’t invest in growing courageous cultures won’t be around to tell the tale in 5 years. Scary thought.

So, what you really need is a targeted People Growth Roadmap that will set your people and your business up for success for the next five (5) years (and beyond!).

The fact you’re here seeking this kind of support means you genuinely care about your people and you also recognise that investing in them will allow your business to capitalise on opportunities that lie ahead… which means you’re our kind of people.
Over the years, we’ve helped so many leaders (like yourself!) to:

  • Upskill themselves and their people so they’re prepared to navigate the inevitable challenges and take advantage of exciting opportunities ahead
  • Accelerate their businesses’ capacity for growth by strengthening the leadership capabilities of their people
  • Engage, retain and attract top talent, because these initiatives make you an employer of choice!
  • Map out succession planning far in advance, so the business has the kind of depth that ensures future success

The challenge here is, leadership is a noisy space, so often the most difficult thing is knowing what actually works and where to start; and that’s exactly where we step in.

Know you’re in the right hands after our 1:1 Discovery Session together

In this 30 minute call, we’ll get a deep understanding of your situation and you’ll know pretty quickly if we’re a good fit.

Feel energised and excited by your bespoke People Growth Roadmap

Whether the growth opportunity is for yourself, a colleague, your team or organisation, we’ve got you covered!

Witness and experience the magic as we bring the People Growth Roadmap to life

We take the administration and roll out of the Programs off your to do list, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Enjoy celebrating the growth and success – let’s pop the bubbles!

Allow yourself to be proud of the effort you and the team put in to open your minds and hearts to new learning.

We’re here and ready to serve you – and the best way for us to get a really clear idea on how this may look, is to have a 30 minute Discovery Call with one of our Founders (Alison or Cassie).

Here's a snapshot of our most in-demand services

Executive Coaching

1:1 Executive Coaching

All sportspeople, from amateur to elite professionals have one thing in common – a Coach. A dedicated and skilled person who champions, challenges, holds them accountable, strategizes and supports them to reach their fullest potential. And that’s exactly what we do for Executives!

Our Coaches are incredibly skilled in the art of curiosity – i.e. asking meaningful questions to help Executives experience those highly sought after ‘aha’ moments. Coaches are a trusted guide by their Executive’s side – to support them to think differently, reflect deeply, learn curiously, problem solve creatively and plan insightfully at both a personal leadership and business strategy level. Sure, their impressive qualifications give them credibility, but when it comes down to it – their curiosity, ego-less, authentic and open-minded approach to serving our clients builds trust quickly, and creates an emotionally safe space where the environment is set for magic to happen.

Coaching is not another ‘how to course’, but rather a powerful alliance that generates amazing personal and professional outcomes. Coaching helps Executives to become more self-aware, see things from different perspectives, understand how to connect with self and others, learn (and sometimes unlearn!) communication skills, navigate challenges using Emotional Intelligence and develop the grounded confidence to lead and serve with insight, impact and intention.

We offer 5, 8 or 10 Coaching sessions (all facilitated virtually via Zoom) with one of our amazing Coaches, who Executives are purposefully paired with thanks to our very effective Chemistry Call process.

Team coaching

Team Coaching

The concept of a team is a rather interesting one – more often than not, teams are made up of people who come from different walks of life, different stages of life, with different technical expertise and different values. Yet people in a team find themselves spending a significant portion of their life together, working towards achieving the same objectives and goals. Talk about colourful (and often complicated) people dynamics!

At the end of the day, a successful team is the result of established psychological safety, authentic connection and a sense of true belonging. Those who get it right, thrive, and those who don’t, tend to dive.

So our approach to Team Coaching is pretty simple really – we provide a safe and constructive space that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, vulnerability and curiosity, so teams can work through challenges, learn ways to communicate more effectively, shift unproductive behaviours, challenge biases and co-create new ways of working as a cohesive and unified group. In a nutshell, Team Coaching helps teams to understand each other, be courageously curious and co-create connection and trust, grow resilience whilst unleashing potential, creativity, focus and productivity. As a guide, we offer 3, 5 or 7 X 75 minute or 90 minute sessions for teams of up to 15 – 20 people. Team Coaching is typically delivered virtually and sessions are held every 2 to 3 weeks.

People Profiling

People Profiling

A question we’re often asked is how we achieve a sustainable transformation in leaders and teams so quickly? And the answer is simple – we collect data. We use best-in-class Emotional Intelligence profiling tools to identify strengths, highlight opportunities for growth and target development needs (for individuals, teams and organisations).

As a Preferred Partner of the world’s largest Emotional Intelligence Network, Six Seconds, we have access to a suite of best-in-class Profiling Tools that we use to help us grow wholehearted leaders, skilled at fostering thriving teams and cultivating courageous cultures.

Some of the metrics we can measure include Change Readiness, Resilience, Psychological Safety, Effectiveness (Decision Making and Influence), Relationships, Wellbeing, Engagement, Trust, Teamwork, Execution, Motivation, Emotional Literacy, Optimism, Intrinsic Motivation, Purpose – competencies that are all so critical to Wholehearted Leadership.

Often, we administer profiling at the beginning of a Program to identify and target development needs in the content design (so we can generate positive shifts quickly!) and then again towards the end of the Program so people can celebrate their growth (and we can measure the overall effectiveness of the Program).

Dare to Lead

Dare to Lead™


In her latest research, Dr Brené Brown asked 150 leaders from around the world what skills they would need to still be relevant and standing in five (5) years’ time, and the answer was unanimous – we need courageous, brave leaders and cultures skilled in having tough conversations.

You see, none of us are born with Courage – it’s something we learn and need to practice through life. The amazing thing about Brené’s research is that we now know that Courage is a collection of four (4) skill sets that are teachable, learnable, measurable and observable. Courage is something every single one of us need in life, and can have (through the 24 hour Dare to Lead™ training!).

Courage is a topic very close to Alison’s heart (hence the business name!), so in 2019 she applied and was hand-picked to fly to Texas and train under Dr. Brené Brown herself, and become a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator which allows her to now deliver this transformational training on Brené’s behalf to people around the world.

We run five (5) scheduled Dare to Lead™ Training Programs throughout the year (a very hot ticketed training attended by leaders from many different backgrounds and organisations) and additionally we facilitate the training in -house for teams.

Workshops and webinars

Workshops & Webinars

Every team (and business) has their own unique set of challenges, dynamics and desired outcomes, so we put a lot of time, effort and care into understanding the context for each Client, and designing bespoke and meaningful Workshops (which are mostly delivered as engaging Webinars these days!) that support teams to navigate the specific emergent themes holding them back or needed to launch them forward.

While every Workshop we deliver is different, a few things always remain the same – the learning is inspiring (we use the latest research and content from around the world), engaging (we deliver it in an ‘edu-taining‘- educational and entertaining – way) and practical (we provide frameworks, tips and tricks teams can begin using right away).

Workshops are typically 2.5 hours and we can hold an engaging space for up to 25 people in- person or online (both are just as powerful as the other!). Some of the Workshops we’ve delivered recently were on Giving Engaged Feedback, Operationalising Values, Growing Resilience, Trust, Communication, Leading Through Change and Leadership in a Hybrid model. The sky is the limit, so rest assured, no matter what your team’s challenge is, we can help!

Change Leadership Online

Change Leadership Online (CLO)

We poured a lot of time, effort and energy over the last few years into designing a dynamic online Program that brings everything we do into one transformational space, in the hope that we can provide clients with a powerful leadership growth and culture change tool that is accessible, affordable and abundantly effective. Cue in Change Leadership Online (CLO).

CLO is a globally recognised leadership Certification Pathway that masterfully guides leaders through an Executive Coaching journey online (saves you thousands!); it provides exclusive access to insights from thought leaders in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Neuroscience from around the world; and it brings a community of Change Igniters (as we call them!) from around the world together, to learn and make a difference.

We have leaders working through CLO to grow their capacity to lead through change; we have teams working through CLO to help them co-create new and inspiring ways of working and collaborating; and we have organisations using CLO as the foundation of their culture change initiatives and getting layers of their business to speak a universal language of leadership. In all instances though, CLO helps shift people from change resistant to Change Ready and Change Resilient… something we all need in today’s volatile, complex and uncertain world.

Rest assured CLO is not your average e-learning Program; we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure it is engaging, memorable and transformational. From the look and feel (it’s aesthetically very pleasing), to the content (we’re talking videos, podcasts, downloadable resources, activities and more), to ample opportunities for reflection (there’s space in every module to reflect and strategize)… CLO is guaranteed to blow your leadership socks off.

Leader as Coach Training

Leader as Coach Training

In today’s complex working environment, Coaching has become a critical leadership and management competency. Why? Because people who are ‘coached to performance’ (i.e. heard and serve) rather than ‘managed to performance’ (i.e. tell and sell) are happier, more productive, innovative and committed to / invested in the outcomes of their work.

The ability to drop the ego, ask more questions than provide answers, encourage individuality and actively seek out / nurture the ‘Coachable moments’, shifts thinking, behaviours, resilience and effectiveness. Yup [remove], Curiosity is a Leadership superpower and something every Wholehearted leader needs to master.

So under the skilled guidance of Kendra Strudwick, a globally renowned and acclaimed Coaching Guru (who trains Coaches around the world!), the Leader as Coach training helps teams to learn, grow, practice and embed critical brain based Coaching skills and frameworks that will supercharge their leadership capability.
The highly experiential Program is made up of 4 x 2 hour virtual sessions that explore the following topics:

  • Session 1: What is (and isn’t) Coaching?
  • Session 2: The Neuroscience of Trust and Psychological Safety.
  • Session 3: Core Coaching Communication Skills.
  • Session 4: GROW’ing Others.

Team Offsites

It’s very easy to slip into autopilot and miss out on opportunities (both short and long term), by staying stuck in the detail of the daily grind. So we LOVE it when organisations approach us to design and deliver an Offsite that shakes up their thinking, opens their minds to new learning and possibility, re-connects them in inspiring ways, and re-calibrates how they strategize.

Offsites give teams a space to breathe, to reflect, re-energise and re-connect. They can explore Strategy, Team building, Emotional Intelligence, Courageous Leadership, or our favourite, a blend of all the above.

The reason we call it an Offsite, is because quite literally, the team goes Offsite to a different environment that inspires creativity, connection and collaboration (with no distractions!). We love it when Clients want to think outside the box – once, we even took a group of Senior Executives camping in the Glass House mountains in Queensland, did some incredible thinking and learning during the day and sat around a camp fire hearing stories from a First Nations’ Elder, eating damper and playing guitar at night – talk about cultivating a shift in the team dynamic!

Our Offsites can be 4 hours, full day or even 2 days and are often prefaced with Pre-work (reading/ viewing) to spark intrigue and set the scene for some amazing learning. We can go as large or as stripped back as you like, but either way, we guarantee that there will be a noticeable shift in how your team show up after attending.

Why does our approach to Leadership Mastery work?

We bring the best and latest global leadership practices to your doorstep.
We've spent the last 7 years finessing our craft and continue to dedicate ourselves to sifting, trialing, testing and evolving our approach, to ensure our clients experience a life changing shift, quickly.
You won't experience impact like this anywhere else
Everything we do is backed by science, data and global research
We draw on Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence and Dare to Lead™ frameworks, which are all founded by rigorous statistical data, science and research, conducted by thought leaders and global experts.
You won't find any 'fluffy' leadership stuff here
You are the centre of our universe
We pride ourselves on gifting you a memorable experience from beginning to end. From the discovery phase, through to scoping, activating, rolling out and wrapping up, we ensure you feel supported, uplifted and truly seen.
You'll feel like you're our one and only client
We're a good fit for you if:
We're not a good fit for you if: