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Weekend newspapers in Australia were showered with challenging journalism, questioning tertiary colleges and registered training authorities where online courses are currently receiving significant amounts of funding with course completion rates remaining low. The underlying perception was that students were being taken advantage of in this process.

I feel compelled to write my weekly blog on this topic, and to highlight the fact that as with anything in life there are always two sides to every story and a spectrum of performance. As many of you reading this blog would know, UBalancer has been involved in supporting student wellbeing and engagement for a few years now – and more specifically in the past few months established a presence in this online tertiary educational space by supporting the students studying Diploma courses through the Entamio Education Group.

Entamio has embraced the services of the highly skilled and credentialed Neuroleadership Executive coaches now consulting to the UBalancer Solutions network, and every month amazing new coaching conversations begin across the country over the phone or via skype.

What makes this extraordinary is that students who enrol and study Diploma courses through Entamio are being offered support from a coach network who in other coaching engagements can be seen working with C-suite executives. They put their hand up for this important work in the tertiary Education sector because they believe so passionately about the wellbeing and success of these students – that everybody deserves a fair go in life and the best possible support to enable them to thrive.

What is even more extraordinary is that the CEO of the Entamio Education Group has differentiated her organisation by accessing such a highly skilled Executive network of coaches through UBalancer, because she is so passionate about the wellbeing, engagement and success of students who enrol in the courses Entamio is offering.

Neuroleadership coaches bring a brain based coaching approach, helping students to understand how their own and other people’s brains work, how to unlock their potential and reach their goals through inspired questioning, how to develop language and communication styles that are impactful. How to know their strengths and emotional intelligence abilities and apply them to their goal setting journey. Very importantly for these students, the coaches are also able to help them with their study-life integration accessing the clever UBalancer online coaching tool and developing an understanding of core Life Balance concepts (PhD Dr R Young 2009).

Finding the time to study in the busyness of life can be a challenge, especially if studying is a ‘new’ life role. Every family has a different dynamic and unique work/life situation and it is inspiring for our coaches to support students through this maze. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself, and reach out for the support that is available to you.

All in all, students who take up this offer of UBalancer coaching have an enormous advantage in life – a kind of big picture support where they are given the opportunity to know their ‘why’ or their ‘purpose’ (what attracted them to signing up for this course, what difference in would make in their life and the lives of their families) and then offered every support to ensure that step by step (one conversation at a time) they complete the set online units and achieve the goals they have set for themselves in life.

Throughout the coaching engagement which goes over several months, the students experience a personal growth and learning journey, as they advance their goals and ultimately achieve their dreams. Many of them will have gained a unique set of life skills – transferable across to further study, employment and life in general.

I personally feel very proud to be associated with Entamio and other organisations who believe in offering their students the gold standard in coaching support.

It speaks to their commitment, their belief that every student deserves the best and that no stone will be left unturned to help them in remaining engaged with their studies and achieving their goals in life.

And so, in closing, I believe it is an exciting time for students signing up for online courses through progressive organisations such as the Entamio Education Group. They have an extraordinary opportunity!
Cheers Alison

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