The wholehearted
leadership mantra

Here’s five (5) quick & simple ways to help you show up as a more inspiring leader, today.

Tip #1

Grow your self-awareness

People are often genuinely surprised to realise how un-aware they are. Only about 15% of us see ourselves as others see us, as we’re riddled with biases and blind spots.

There’s a great equation for Self- awareness:

Self-awareness = Our Passions + Our Values X OPOV (Others Point Of View)

So if you’re looking to be a more inspiring leader, ask people for feedback, often. And genuinely listen to what you hear and challenge yourself to make changes and find opportunities for personal growth.

Tip #2

Be easily able to name your personal and organisational Values

Can every person in your organisation name your top two or three organisational Values? If not, you have work to do. More than that, are they able to clearly name the five behaviours that bring each Value to life?

Values steer your course, hold you accountable, support your decision making, guide your hiring process, influence your HR direction, highlight your WHY, and shine a light on your culture. Values work is essential work, and should be revisited every year.

Know your own Values, and your organisation’s Values.

Tip #3

Appreciate what ‘leadership’ actually means

Leadership has nothing to do with status or power.

When you’re a person who sees potential in others (at any level), and is prepared to get out of your comfort zone to find ways to connect that person to their potential, then you’re a leader.

Leadership is about finding ways to serve. And ultimately to leave your workplace, your community and indeed the planet a better place than you found it through your contribution.

Write down your personal definition of leadership. And own it.

Tip #4

Let go of the idea that emotions are soft and fluffy, and best not spoken about at work

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is not a ‘soft’ science. It’s the hard work of being vulnerable enough to let ourselves be authentically seen, and prepared to ‘do the work’ to learn more about emotions, to grow our emotional literacy and become skilled in how we respond more than we react in all the complex and challenging situations we face daily in leadership.

Complete a Survey of Emotional Intelligence (something we do!) so you can get a snapshot of your EQ competencies and the areas you can work on to show up a better leader, quickly.

Tip #5

Understand that boundaries matter

Wholehearted leaders know how to say a ‘clear yes’ and a ‘heartfelt no’. They are clear about what’s OK and what’s not OK. They are willing to clearly articulate boundaries (for themselves and others), and appreciate the importance of holding people accountable to boundaries, early and clearly. They live into the mantra of Dr Brené Brown, “Clear is kind” and are skilled up to have difficult conversations, and provide in the moment engaged and constructive feedback in pursuit of growing a courageous, psychologically safe culture ~ where people feel change ready and change resilient.

Know your boundaries. And stick to them.