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Everyone needs someone in their camp who believes in them. Life can be tough and we are all dealt a different set of circumstances. Last week I had the privilege of spending time with a man who shared his story about his youth, and how he left home at the age of 12. After some rough living years, he joined a gang where he found mateship and a feeling of belonging. It was after that when he experienced a liberating personal transformation – meeting a person who came into his life and believed in him unconditionally, showing him how to become the best he could be, physically, emotionally and in his career.

We all deserve to find that person in our life!

I believe that deep down every one of us has a deep yearning to contribute to the world in some way and leave it a better place because we were there; and questions we may ask ourselves are:

‘How do I want to be remembered? And what will my grandchildren say about me?’

When life feels confusing and the demands on us overwhelming, it may be a sign and call to action – and a realization that it’s time to make a decision to do something for our self. Something new and different.

If you are one of those people who rely on external sources of motivation, you’ll always feel at the mercy of others. So what needs to happen for you to tap into your own intrinsic deep seated motivation, and recognize that you deserve to have the chance to follow your own dreams in life?

We all have our own inner strengths and abilities to help us change and grow; to lift ourselves out of difficult situations and reach for a better life.

We also deserve to have champions in life – friends, family and colleagues/mentors/coaches who can see our potential and will leave no stone unturned in helping us to realize that potential. To put it simply, people who believe in us help us to realize that anything is possible.

‘Reaching out’ can look very different to each one of us. For many people, taking on some kind of learning and signing up for an online Diploma can feel like a step in a positive direction and a chance at a better life. A kind of North star – leading us to a future that looks brighter, perhaps a better job and financial position.

But we’re human, and after signing up for the Diploma, we may start to have feelings of self-doubt! What were we thinking? Life is busy, hectic actually and there’s ‘never’ going to be enough time to fit in a few hours of online study every week! Perhaps we should withdraw and go back to life as usual?

But that North star keeps shining, leaving you with a stubborn gut felt question: ‘Where am I going to be in five years’ time? If I don’t do something to change my situation now, what opportunities am I going to miss out on? How will doing this Diploma make a difference in my life?’

I am writing this heartfelt blog, hoping to reach out to you and help you understand that there are very good people out there who believe in you. Like bees to honey, they will come into your life when you need to find them! All you need to do is believe – and trust your gut instinct, find the inner motivation and keep going with that learning/Diploma. An amazing coach and mentor network will be there to support you, one conversation at a time. They’ll help you to understand your situation, think about where you want to be and step by step, support your journey as you follow your dreams and tick off your goals. They’ll help you work out a plan to better manage all those daily challenges. Yes life can be very tough, but with belief, hard work and the support of good people, anything is possible.

In the world of UBalancer Solutions, these good people are called coaches, and in our network we have many wonderful coaches looking forward to having conversations with you.

That young boy I spoke of before is now a hugely successful business person who motivates and inspires thousands of others. He reached out, put in the effort, accepted the support of a coach/mentor and believed – the rest is history! Now it’s your turn!

We believe in you! Please reach out!
Cheers Alison

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